Martial Blade Concepts Volume 2

Martial Blade Concepts Volume 2

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In Martial Blade Concepts: The Enhanced Version, MBC founder Michael Janich provided detailed instruction in the critical skills personal defense with a knife. Martial Blade Concepts Volume 2 continues that education, reinforcing and refining those fundamentals and introducing the next block of instruction in the MBC system.

Volume 2 reveals the secrets of MBCís body mechanics, footwork, and live-hand checking and leads you step by step through the process of integrating them into a powerful combative synergy. Janich provides detailed instruction in MBC's scientific approach to checking, maximizing the body's structural strength and energy transfer while maintaining fluidity that keeps you one step ahead of your attacker. He also teaches you the process of "deconstructing" techniques—eliminating or modifying the movements to instantly adapt to the dynamic nature of real attacks. And, building on the foundation of the first video in this series, Janich teaches you the remaining Defensive Responses of MBC's standard grip system and the skills necessary to use a knife against attacks with sticks and other long-range weapons.

Throughout this process, Janich explains and reinforces MBCís extraordinary learning methodology, which combines clear logic with a natural progression of skill and understanding. That approach, combined with dedicated instruction in solo training methods, make this series an incredibly effective learning tool for anyone serious about self-defense.

For academic study only. Color, approx. 1 Hour 19 Minutes
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