As a thirteen year veteran of Federal Corrections I can say that this four hours of instruction was by far the best defensive course I have ever taken, bar none! I have seen MANY knife attacks and this system is hands down the most effective system in my humble opinion. This is a life saving system and I am all ready to put both of my oldest children and my wife through the four hour course. ***In today's age where children are abducted every single day and sold into human trafficking this is the course that will save them.

M. Worn

Adam Boyce's instruction on Martial Blade Concepts is top notch! I would recommend his seminars to all that can attend. He gives you a lot of knowledge and gives you step by step instructions that you need to enhance your self defense skills! The knowledge that you obtain at his seminars is so valuable.

D. Hensely

I was very impressed with the training concepts presented. Adam Boyce is extremely talented and articulate. He explains the Martial Blade Concepts in simple, easy to understand language. The demonstrations of the concepts were consistent with the explanations. The hands on portion of the training was adequate to gain basic understanding of the concepts, which lays the foundation for muscle  memory. I thoroughly enjoyed the instruction and I will be back for many more classes.

Oliver A. Hannan, Owner, SLYSTEEL, LLC

Awesome blades and the best knife defense training out there! Highly recommend to everyone.

T. Wray

The instructors were very knowledgeable and friendly. I definitely recommend this for anyone interested in self-defense.

Brady D

The Spartan Mode Seminar was a blast! My wife and I had a ton of fun and learned a lot. I will be doing it again and I highly recommend it for everyone who is looking to learn or improve their skills in self defense.

Wyatt L

Adam is a great instructor and has created a superb knife design. 10/10 would recommend.

Dan S