Weekly MONDAY Night Class (Monthly Fee $60)

Spartan Mode

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Weekly Personal Protection Class 7:30-8:30PM at Vibe Jiu-jitsu 1808 M Piper #1 daho Falls, ID 83401

First class is free.

Fee $60 a month or $20 drop in fee.   

Discount available for first responders.

Punch card option for shift workers.


Integrated hands on reality based training.
Concepts based on reality.

Training topics include;

Firearms: (SIRT Laser Training Guns) and occasional live fire, concepts and application from concealment.

Edged Weapons: Application and concepts based on MBC (Martial Blade Concepts) using training knives that replicate what you actually carry.

Impact/Improvised Weapons: Application and use of items such as pens, flashlights, sticks ect. for personal protection.

Combatives: Application of empty handed self protection concepts.


Instructor bio:

Adam's previous career experience has included being an Assaulter and Sniper on SRT (Special Response Team) for nearly 7 years, following which he has spent the remainder of his career working in the training department for a government agency. 

He is a Defensive Tactics Instructor, Pistol Instructor, Rifle Instructor, Shotgun Instructor, Advanced Weapons and a Knife Designer, he has multiple years training Mixed Martial Arts and a variety of self defense systems but is best known for his extensive edged weapons knowledge. Adam is one of only a select few fully certified Instructors of Martial Blade Concepts under legendary self defense expert Michael Janich. Adam regularly teaches sold out MBC seminars around the world.

Adam earned a Bachelor of Science from Idaho State University in Training and Development with an emphasis in Adult Learning and is fluent in Spanish. A perpetual student of self-defense Adam is continuously looking for and testing the best self-defense methods and practices. Adam believes the best instructors are those that continue to learn, and you can find Adam not only teaching others but attending multiple seminars taught by other instructors throughout the year and brings that knowledge back to you.

His career experience make him a natural fit for training LEO and Military in which he excels and loves but Adams true passion is helping people of all ages, sizes and physical capacities to gain critical skills and knowledge to defend themselves and the ones they love. As an instructor he follows the MBC credo "you don't have to fight like me, you just have to fight well".